Removing Jessie J’s cast reveals unwelcome surprise

Four months ago Jessie J fell off a stage during rehearsals for the Capital FM Summertime Ball, causing her to suffer all summer long by having her leg in a cast.

“I’ve lost so much weight,” she says. “My left leg has lost all its muscle. I don’t like it. Things got so bad my mum had to move in with me. I fell out of the bath, I couldn’t stand, cook, get up by myself. At first they gave me loads of painkillers at the hospital, but I didn’t take them after that. I didn’t want to become addicted. What sort of role model would I be if I became addicted?

“When I first came out of hospital I was so frustrated I broke down. That’s what set me off crying, feeling so helpless. I was heartbroken when I had to cancel my US tour dates with Katy Perry. It has been a slow recovery. I can’t keep fit, I just have to watch what I eat. I still love a kebab.”

But now she has finally had the cast removed the injury will not be able to be forgotten as she may of hoped.

Doctors have informed the singer that she will always suffer from a crippling arthritis in her leg. During a handful of painful performances Jessie needed to be piggybacked to the stage.

After having the cast removed Jessie said “I can’t explain how excited I am to have my leg out of the cast. Yes, finally, I can wear two shoes instead of one.

“But I will always suffer from arthritis in my ankle. It really hurts.

“It will be something I have to live with for ever. So I will never make that full recovery.

“I won’t be able to wear heels again. But I’ll have some bad-boy Sketchers blinged up for me. At least I’m alive, and I can sing. I can’t wait to get back on stage.”

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