Michael Symon Opens Restaurant In Airport?

Micheal Symon has to be very excited and happy that he is soon due to open his first bar and restaurant at the Airmall of Pittsburgh International Airport.

He has a 2,500 square foot restaurantTit si due to open in spring this year. According to reports its location is supposed to be the “high-profile location” in the main part of the airport.

Michael Symon new title ‘The Next Iron Chef’ was given to him by ‘The Food Network’.

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald said;

“We have one of the best airports in the world. Having world-renowned Chef Symon’s restaurant, Bar Symon, open in Pittsburgh recognises the world-class reputation of our airport,”

“The addition of Bar Symon will be a bonus to travellers going to and from Pittsburgh, as well as passing through. We are thrilled to welcome Chef Symon to the Airmall and look forward to the mouth-watering dishes that will be served there.”

Allegheny County Airport Authority Board Chairman Glenn Mahone says;

“Pittsburgh International Airport has always been an industry innovator since its opening, and in 2012, we will mark a milestone when we celebrate the airport’s 20th anniversary,”

“A large part of our success has been our award-winning concessions programme. Bar Symon is a sign of more great things to come as the airport opens a new chapter in its third decade.”

Airmall Pittsburgh Vice President of Development Jay Kruisselbrink says;

“The Airmall at Pittsburgh International Airport has always been the pioneer in airport concessions. We were the first to introduce internationally recognised brands to the airport concourse, and we have been the driving force behind an enhanced passenger experience for nearly 20 years since we established the Airmall,”.

“Chef Symon’s choice to open his first airport restaurant in Pittsburgh raises the bar once again. His unique take on classic dishes will bring new energy to the concessions programme at Pittsburgh International Airport, and we are certain that Bar Symon will quickly become a passenger favourite.”

“More great concepts are on their way to join Bar Symon at the Airmall at Pittsburgh International Airport in 2012,” Kruisselbrink added. “These other new entries will include highly recognisable national brands along with concepts that give a nod to western Pennsylvania and its passion for professional hockey, football and baseball.”

Michael Symon’s says;

“We are very excited to partner with United Concessions Group, the Airmall at Pittsburgh International Airport, and the Paradies Group on our first airport venture,”

“Bar Symon is sure to bring a unique dining experience to airport travellers.”

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